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Haus Of Maye

Black Sunstone Self Healing Necklace

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Our Warrior Stone necklaces were created to inspire, motivate, and empower you on your journey.

Black Sunstone is powerful medicine for your Self Healing journey. It's the gemstone version of putting on your own air mask first. When it's not up to anyone but you, you can harness the soothing vibration of sparkly Black Sunstone that will help to heal your mind, your body and your spirit. 

Each of our Warrior Stones are hand faceted in the shape of a warrior's shield. We believe that when you see this shield in the mirror or touch it with your fingers that you will feel the power, the grace, the divine legacy of strength that comes with being a warrior for your own life and the lives of others.

  • One 10mm x 8mm hand faceted, hand drilled Black Sunstone
  • One length: 16" with a Sterling Silver extender allowing it to be worn up to 18"
  • Strung on Mighty Miracle Cord
  • FSC Certified Card