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Haus Of Maye

Nova Crystal Facial Serum

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A divine and nourishing organic crystal infused facial serum. Infused with rose quartz Crystals to call in unconditional self love.

This rose infused serum is packed with nourishment, antioxidants and anti inflammatories to give you your most radiant skin ✨

Available in 1oz bottles.

Ingredients: Organic* cold pressed Rosehip oil | Organic* Calendula infused Almond oil   |Organic* Grapeseed Oil | Organic*  Jojoba Oil |Organic*  Glycerine | Organic*  Frankincense, Organic* Helichrysum, Organic* Australian Sandalwood, Organic* Carrot seed oil | Organic* Lavender| Organic* Myrrh essential oil |Organic* Patchouli Essential Oil | Organic* Roman Chamomile | Organic*  Dried Rose petals | Rose quartz crystals.