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Haus Of Maye

Vellichor Luxury Candle

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Vellichor: Unveiling the Timeless Essence of Elegance

Discover the essence of sophistication with Vellichor, a luxurious soy and coconut wax candle that transcends mere fragrance to evoke memories of cherished moments and timeless elegance. Named after the serene charm of old libraries, Vellichor offers an olfactory journey reminiscent of aged leather-bound books, polished wood, and whispers of vanilla with a hint of musk.

Scent Profile:

  • Aged Leather-Bound Books: Immerse yourself in the nostalgic aroma of aged leather-bound books, evoking the wisdom and wonder preserved within the pages of time.
  • Polished Wood: Envelop your senses in the subtle warmth of polished wood, reminiscent of the rich hues and smooth textures found in secluded libraries, inviting you to linger in quiet contemplation.
  • Whispers of Vanilla: Delight in the delicate sweetness of vanilla, its gentle whispers mingling with the air to infuse your space with a comforting sense of familiarity and tranquility.
  • Hint of Musk: Discover a touch of mystery in the depths of Vellichor, where a hint of musk adds depth and allure to the fragrance, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Each Vellichor candle is meticulously hand-poured, ensuring the perfect balance of scents to transport you to a world of timeless sophistication. Whether you're seeking to create a cozy reading nook, elevate your evening routine, or simply savor a moment of quiet reflection, Vellichor is your companion in crafting unforgettable experiences.

Illuminate your space with the refined elegance of Vellichor and let its evocative fragrance awaken your senses to the beauty of the past and the promise of the present. With Vellichor, every moment becomes an opportunity to savor the richness of life's most cherished memories.